1 stomach /ˈstʌmək/ noun
plural stomachs
1 stomach
plural stomachs
Learner's definition of STOMACH
: the organ in your body where food goes and begins to be digested after you swallow it
often used before another noun see picture at human
: the part of your body that contains the stomach
[noncount] : the desire, courage, etc., that is needed to do or accept something difficult or unpleasant usually used in negative statements

a strong/weak stomach

◊ If you have a strong stomach, you are not bothered by things that many people find disgusting, shocking, or offensive.
◊ If you have a weak stomach, you are easily bothered by disgusting, shocking, or offensive things.

on a full stomach

: after eating a lot of food

on an empty stomach

: with nothing in your stomach

sick to your stomach

see 1sick

turn your stomach

◊ Something that turns your stomach or makes your stomach turn makes you feel ill or uncomfortable usually because it is offensive or disgusting.

your eyes are bigger than your stomach

see 1eye
2 stomach /ˈstʌmək/ verb
stomachs; stomached; stomaching
2 stomach
stomachs; stomached; stomaching
Learner's definition of STOMACH
[+ object]
: to accept or experience (something unpleasant) without becoming sick, upset, etc.
: to eat (something) without getting a sick or unpleasant feeling in your stomach