1 spring /ˈsprɪŋ/ noun
plural springs
1 spring
plural springs
Learner's definition of SPRING
: the season between winter and summer : the season when plants and trees begin to grow
often used before another noun
[count] : a twisted or coiled piece of metal that returns to its original shape when it is pressed down or stretched
see also box spring
[noncount] : the ability of something to return to its original shape when it is pressed down, stretched, twisted, etc.
[count] : a source of water coming up from the ground see also hot spring
[singular] : a lively and energetic quality
[singular] : a quick sudden leap up or forward see also handspring
2 spring /ˈsprɪŋ/ verb
springs; sprang /ˈspræŋ/ or sprung /ˈsprʌŋ/ ; sprung; springing
2 spring
springs; sprang /ˈspræŋ/ or sprung /ˈsprʌŋ/ ; sprung; springing
Learner's definition of SPRING
[no object]
: to move or leap suddenly forward or upward
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to move quickly to a different position
[+ object] informal : to help (someone) to get out of or escape from jail, prison, etc.

spring a leak

: to start to leak : to suddenly let water in or out through a crack or break

spring a surprise

: to do, ask, or say something that is not expected

spring a trap

: to capture someone or something (such as an animal or criminal) with a trap often + on

spring for

[phrasal verb]
spring for (something) US, informal
: to pay for (something) : to spend money on (something)

spring from

[phrasal verb]
spring from (something) informal
: to start from or be caused by (something)

spring from the loins

see loin

spring into/to action/life

: to become suddenly very active and energetic

spring on

[phrasal verb]
spring (something) on (someone)
: to surprise (someone) with (something, such as a request or announcement)

spring to mind

see 1mind

spring up

[phrasal verb]
: to grow or appear suddenly

tears spring to your eyes

◊ If tears spring to your eyes, you suddenly start to cry.
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