1 spike /ˈspaɪk/ noun
plural spikes
1 spike
plural spikes
Learner's definition of SPIKE
[count] : a long, thin rod that ends in a point and is often made of metal
[count] : a sudden, rapid increase in something
[count] : a metal point attached to the bottom of shoes worn by athletes in some sports usually plural
spikes [plural] : shoes with metal points attached to the bottom
spikes [plural] : women's shoes with high, thin heels
[count] : a long, narrow group of flowers that grow on one stem
2 spike /ˈspaɪk/ verb
spikes; spiked; spiking
2 spike
spikes; spiked; spiking
Learner's definition of SPIKE
[+ object]
: to add alcohol or drugs to (food or drink) often + with
: to add something that gives flavor or interest to (something) usually + with
[no object] chiefly US : to increase greatly in a short period of time
[+ object] sports
: to hit (a volleyball) sharply downward towards the ground
US : to throw (a ball) sharply downward
[+ object] : to form (something, such as hair) into spikes or points
[+ object] : to pierce or cut (someone or something) with a sharp point or spike
[+ object] : to prevent (something, such as a story or rumor) from being published or becoming known by many people

spike someone's guns

: to ruin an opponent's plans
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