1 spark /ˈspɑɚk/ noun
plural sparks
1 spark
plural sparks
Learner's definition of SPARK
: a small piece of burning material that comes from a fire or is produced by rubbing or hitting two hard objects together
: a short, bright flash of electricity between two points
[noncount] : a quality that makes someone or something enjoyable, interesting, successful, etc.
[count] : a small amount of something
[count] : an action, occurrence, etc., that causes something larger to happen

bright spark

British, informal + disapproving
: a person who says or does something that seems intelligent but is really not

sparks fly

◊ When sparks fly, it means that two people are either having an argument with each other or are sexually attracted to each other.
2 spark /ˈspɑɚk/ verb
sparks; sparked; sparking
2 spark
sparks; sparked; sparking
Learner's definition of SPARK
[+ object] : to cause (something) to start or happen
sometimes + off
[no object] : to produce sparks
[+ object] : to add interest, liveliness, or flavor to (something) often + up