1 small /ˈsmɑːl/ adjective
smaller; smallest
1 small
smaller; smallest
Learner's definition of SMALL
[also more small; most small]
: little in size
: few in number or little in amount
see also small hours at hour
: not very important : minor
: very young
: involving or including few people, things, etc.
: lowercase
: foolish or ashamed

a big fish in a small pond

see 1fish

in no small measure

: to a great degree : largely or mostly

(it's a) small world

see 1world

not (in) the smallest bit

see 1bit

— smallish

/ˈsmɑːlɪʃ/ adjective

— smallness

/ˈsmɑːlnəs/ noun [noncount]
2 small /ˈsmɑːl/ noun
plural smalls
2 small
plural smalls
Learner's definition of SMALL
: something that is sold in a small size : something that is smaller than other things of the same kind

the small of the/your back

: the lower part of your back that is smaller and narrower than the rest
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