1 slap /ˈslæp/ verb
slaps; slapped; slapping
1 slap
slaps; slapped; slapping
Learner's definition of SLAP
[+ object] : to hit (someone or something) with the front or back of your open hand
: to hit something with a sound like the sound made when your hand slaps something
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to put (something) on a surface quickly or forcefully + down or on
[+ object] sports : to hit (something) with a forceful swing of your arms, hands, etc.

slap around

[phrasal verb]
slap (someone) around also slap around (someone) informal
: to hit or slap (someone) many times

slap on

[phrasal verb]
slap (something) on or slap on (something) informal
: to add (something, such as an extra charge) to an amount
see also 1slap 2 (above)

slap together

[phrasal verb]
slap together (something) or slap (something) together informal
: to create (something) by putting parts together in a quick or careless way

slap with

[phrasal verb]
slap (someone) with (something) US, informal
: to punish (someone) with (a fine, lawsuit, etc.)
2 slap /ˈslæp/ noun
plural slaps
2 slap
plural slaps
Learner's definition of SLAP
: a hit with the front or back of your open hand
: a loud sound made when something hits a flat surface

a slap in the face

: a surprising act that offends or insults someone

a slap on the back

: the act of slapping someone's back usually to express praise or approval

a slap on the wrist

: a mild punishment that is given to someone who should be punished more severely
3 slap /ˈslæp/ adverb
3 slap
Learner's definition of SLAP
: exactly or directly
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