1 slack /ˈslæk/ adjective
1 slack
Learner's definition of SLACK
: not stretched or held in a tight position : loose
: not busy : lacking the expected or desired activity
: doing something poorly because you are not putting enough care or effort into it
: done poorly and carelessly

— slackly


— slackness

noun [noncount]
2 slack /ˈslæk/ noun
plural slacks
2 slack
plural slacks
Learner's definition of SLACK
[noncount] : the part of a rope, chain, etc., that hangs loosely sometimes used figuratively to describe a part of something that is available but not used
slacks [plural] chiefly US : pants or trousers

give/cut (someone) some slack

: to treat (someone) in a less harsh or critical way

pick/take up the slack

: to provide or do something that is missing or not getting done
3 slack /ˈslæk/ verb
slacks; slacked; slacking
3 slack
slacks; slacked; slacking
Learner's definition of SLACK
[no object]
: to give little or no effort or attention to work

slack off

[phrasal verb]
: to do something with less effort or energy than you did it with before
: to become less active, forceful, etc.