1 sink /ˈsɪŋk/ verb
sinks; sank /ˈsæŋk/ or sunk /ˈsʌŋk/ ; sunk; sinking
1 sink
sinks; sank /ˈsæŋk/ or sunk /ˈsʌŋk/ ; sunk; sinking
Learner's definition of SINK
[no object] : to go down below the surface of water, mud, etc.
[+ object] : to cause (a ship or boat) to go down below the surface of water
[no object] : to move down to a lower position
[no object] : to become lower in amount, value, etc. : to decline or decrease
[+ object] : to use force to cause (something) to go into the ground or another surface often + into
[no object]
: to do something that is morally wrong
: to begin to feel sad, depressed, etc.
: to go or change to a worse or less active state often + into
[no object] of a person's voice : to become quieter
[no object] : to become less successful : to move toward failure
[+ object] : to cause (someone or something) to fail
[+ object] : to make (a well, shaft, mine, etc.) by digging down into the earth
[+ object] : to spend (a lot of money, work, time, etc.) on something + in or into
[+ object] : to throw, hit, or roll (a ball) into a hole or basket
[+ object] chiefly British, informal : to drink (something) completely

sink in

[phrasal verb]
: to become completely known, felt, or understood

sink like a stone

: to sink very suddenly and quickly often used figuratively

sink or swim

◊ A situation in which you either sink or swim is one in which you must succeed by your own efforts or fail completely.

sink without a trace

(US) or British sink without trace
: to sink beneath the water to a place that cannot be seen or found often used figuratively

sink your teeth into

see tooth
2 sink /ˈsɪŋk/ noun
plural sinks
2 sink
plural sinks
Learner's definition of SINK
: a wide bowl that has a faucet for water and a drain at the bottom and is usually positioned in a counter or on a pedestal
see pictures at bathroom, kitchen