1 sick /ˈsɪk/ adjective
sicker; sickest
1 sick
sicker; sickest
Learner's definition of SICK
[also more sick; most sick]
: affected with a disease or illness : ill
sometimes used figuratively see also airsick, carsick, seasick
always used before a noun : of or relating to people who are ill
not used before a noun, informal : very annoyed or bored by something because you have had too much of it + of
: very disgusted or angry
: not mentally normal or healthy
: relating to very unpleasant or offensive things
: very unpleasant
: powerfully affected by a strong and unpleasant emotion usually + with
see also homesick, lovesick

be sick

: to vomit

call/phone in sick

◊ If you call/phone in sick, you make a phone call to your place of work to say you will not be working that day because you are sick.

feel sick

US : to feel ill
: to feel like you will vomit
US : to feel very upset

report sick

see 2report

sick at heart

see heart

sick to your stomach

US : caused to vomit : feeling like you are going to vomit
: feeling very disgusted or angry

the sick

: people who are sick : sick people
2 sick /ˈsɪk/ noun
2 sick
Learner's definition of SICK
[noncount] British, informal
: vomit
3 sick /ˈsɪk/ verb
sicks; sicked; sicking
3 sick
sicks; sicked; sicking
Learner's definition of SICK

sick up

[phrasal verb]
sick up (something) or sick (something) up British, informal
: to vomit (something)