1 sharp /ˈʃɑɚp/ adjective
sharper; sharpest
1 sharp
sharper; sharpest
Learner's definition of SHARP
[also more sharp; most sharp]
: having a thin edge that is able to cut things or a fine point that is able to make a hole in things opposite blunt, dull; see also razor-sharp
: sudden and quick
: involving a sudden change in direction
: clear and easy to see
: very noticeable
: having or showing a quick ability to notice and understand things
: very sudden and severe
: critical or harsh
of cheese : having a strong odor and flavor
disapproving : clever in a bad or dishonest way
: ending in a point or edge
informal : stylish or fashionable
: higher than the true pitch
: higher than a specified note by a semitone compare 1flat 10, 1natural 8

keep a sharp eye on

: to watch (someone or something) carefully

— sharpness

noun [noncount]
2 sharp /ˈʃɑɚp/ adverb
2 sharp
Learner's definition of SHARP
: exactly used to refer to an exact time
: above the correct musical pitch compare 3flat 4

look sharp

: to act quickly : hurry
3 sharp /ˈʃɑɚp/ noun
plural sharps
3 sharp
plural sharps
Learner's definition of SHARP
: a musical note that is one semitone higher than a specified note
also : a written symbol ♯ that is placed before a note to show that it should be played a semitone higher compare 2flat 3, 2natural 2