1 separate /ˈsɛpərət/ adjective
1 separate
Learner's definition of SEPARATE
: not joined, connected, or combined : placed or kept apart
: different from something else : not related

go your separate ways

: to end a relationship with someone
: to go in different directions after being together

under separate cover

see 2cover

— separateness

noun [noncount]
2 separate /ˈsɛpəˌreɪt/ verb
separates; separated; separating
2 separate
separates; separated; separating
Learner's definition of SEPARATE
[+ object] : to cause (two or more people or things) to stop being together, joined, or connected : to make (people or things) separate
[+ object] : to be between (two things or people)
[no object] : to stop being together, joined, or connected : to become separate
[no object] : to stop living with a husband, wife, or partner
[+ object] : to see or describe the differences between (two things)
[+ object] : to be the quality that makes (people or things) different : differentiate
[+ object] used to describe how much difference there is in the scores or positions of people or teams in a race, game, etc.

separate off

[phrasal verb]
separate (someone or something) off or separate off (someone or something)
: to cause (someone or something) to be separate from other people or things

separate out

[phrasal verb]
separate out (someone or something) or separate (someone or something) out
: to remove (someone or something) from a group

separate the men from the boys

: to show which people are really strong, brave, etc., and which are not

separate the sheep from the goats

chiefly British or separate the wheat from the chaff
: to judge which people or things in a group are bad and which ones are good