1 rock /ˈrɑːk/ verb
rocks; rocked; rocking
1 rock
rocks; rocked; rocking
Learner's definition of ROCK
: to move (someone or something) back and forth or from side to side
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to cause (something) to shake violently
sometimes used figuratively
[+ object] informal
: to cause (someone or something) to be upset or shocked
: to affect or influence (someone or something) very powerfully
: to entertain (someone) in a very powerful and effective way
[no object] informal : to sing, dance to, or play rock music
[no object] slang : to be very enjoyable, pleasing, or effective

rock out

[phrasal verb] informal
: to play music in a loud or energetic way

rock the boat

see 1boat

— rocking

noun, plural rockings [count, noncount]
2 rock /ˈrɑːk/ noun
plural rocks
2 rock
plural rocks
Learner's definition of ROCK
[noncount] : the hard, solid material that the surface of the Earth is made of
often used before another noun see also bedrock, sheetrock
[count] : a piece of rock
[count] : a large piece of rock that sticks up from the surface of the Earth
used in phrases to say that something is very hard, steady, etc.
[singular] informal
: a strong person who can be relied on
: someone whose ideas, values, ways of doing things, etc., do not change
[count] informal : a diamond or other jewel
[noncount] British : hard candy that is made in a stick compare rock candy
[count] informal : a small hard piece of a drug

between a rock and a hard place

: in a very difficult or bad position or situation with no good way of getting out of it

get your rocks off

of a man : to have an orgasm
: to feel great pleasure or satisfaction

live under a rock

: to be unaware of things that most people know about

on the rocks

: having a lot of problems and likely to fail
of an alcoholic drink : with ice cubes
compare 3rock
3 rock /ˈrɑːk/ noun
3 rock
Learner's definition of ROCK
: a kind of popular music with a strong beat that is played on instruments that are made louder electronically often used before another noun see also hard rock, soft rock
compare 2rock