1 reverse /rɪˈvɚs/ verb
reverses; reversed; reversing
1 reverse
reverses; reversed; reversing
Learner's definition of REVERSE
[+ object] : to change (something) to an opposite state or condition
[+ object] : to cause (something, such as a process) to stop or return to an earlier state
[+ object]
: to change the order or position of (two things or a series)
: to switch the positions of the top and bottom or the front and back of (something)
chiefly British : to drive (a vehicle) backward
[+ object]
[no object]

reverse the charges

British or reverse the charge
: to arrange to have the cost of a phone call paid by the person who is called

reverse yourself

US, formal
: to change your decision or opinion about something
2 reverse /rɪˈvɚs/ noun
plural reverses
2 reverse
plural reverses
Learner's definition of REVERSE
the reverse : something that is opposite to something else
often + of
the reverse : the back side of a coin, document, etc.
[noncount] : reverse gear
sometimes used figuratively
[count] formal : a change that makes something worse
usually plural
[count] American football : a play in which one player gives the ball to another player who is moving in the opposite direction

in reverse

: in an order in which the last part is first and the first part is last : backward
: in a way that is opposite to what is normal or to what happened earlier
: toward an opposite or worse state or condition

into reverse

: into an opposite state or condition
3 reverse /rɪˈvɚs/ adjective
3 reverse
Learner's definition of REVERSE
always used before a noun
: opposite to what is usual or stated
: opposite to the front