1 rest /ˈrɛst/ noun
1 rest
Learner's definition of REST

the rest

: the part that is left when other people or things are gone, used, etc.
often + of
compare 2rest
2 rest /ˈrɛst/ noun
plural rests
2 rest
plural rests
Learner's definition of REST
: a period of time in which you relax, sleep, or do nothing after you have been active or doing work
usually singular
see also bed rest
[noncount] : a state in which there is no motion
[count] : an object that is designed to support or hold something see also armrest, footrest, headrest
: a period of silence between musical notes
: a symbol in music that shows a period of silence between notes

at rest

: no longer living : dead
: in a relaxed and comfortable state

come to rest

: to stop moving

give it a rest

used to tell someone to stop talking about something

give (something) a rest

: to stop doing or using (something)

lay (someone) to rest

: to bury (someone who has died) usually used as (be) laid to rest

lay/put to rest (something)

or lay/put (something) to rest
: to make someone stop thinking about or believing (something) by showing it is not true
compare 1rest
3 rest /ˈrɛst/ verb
rests; rested; resting
3 rest
rests; rested; resting
Learner's definition of REST
[no object] : to stop doing work or an activity : to spend time relaxing, sleeping, or doing nothing after you have been active or doing work
[+ object]
: to give rest to (someone)
: to stop using (something) so that it can become strong again
always followed by an adverb or preposition
[no object] : to sit or lie on something
often used figuratively
[+ object] : to place (something) on or against something else
[no object] : to lie in a grave after death
: to stop presenting evidence in a legal case
[no object]
[+ object]
see also I rest my case at 1case

let (something) rest

: to stop mentioning or talking about (something)

rest easy

: to stop worrying about something : to not worry about something

rest on/upon

[phrasal verb]
rest on/upon (someone or something)
: to depend or rely on (someone or something)
: to stop moving and look at (someone or something)
rest on/upon (something) : to be based on (something)

rest on your laurels

see laurel

rest with

[phrasal verb]
rest with (someone or something)
: to be the responsibility of (someone or something)