relieve /rɪˈliːv/ verb
relieves; relieved; relieving
relieves; relieved; relieving
Learner's definition of RELIEVE
[+ object]
: to reduce or remove (something, such as pain or an unpleasant feeling)
: to make (a problem) less serious
: to take the place of (someone who has been working, fighting, etc.)
: to make (something) less boring, dull, etc., by including a part that is different

relieve of

[phrasal verb]
relieve (someone) of (something)
formal : to take (something that is difficult or unpleasant) from (someone)
informal + humorous : to steal (something) from (someone)
: to remove (someone who has done something wrong) from (a post, duty, job, etc.)

relieve yourself

: to pass waste from your body
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