reduce /rɪˈduːs/ Brit /rɪˈdjuːs/ verb
reduces; reduced; reducing
/rɪˈduːs/ Brit /rɪˈdjuːs/
reduces; reduced; reducing
Learner's definition of REDUCE
[+ object] : to make (something) smaller in size, amount, number, etc. : decrease
[+ object]
: to cause (someone) to be in a specified state or condition + to
: to cause (something) to be in a specified form by breaking it, burning it, etc. + to
: to force (someone) to do something that causes shame, embarrassment, etc. followed by to + -ing verb
[+ object] : to describe (something) in a way that includes only some of the facts and details + to
: to boil (a liquid) so that there is less of it
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to change (someone's rank) to a lower or less important one
[no object] US, informal : to gradually decrease your weight by eating less
[+ object] mathematics : to change (a fraction) so that it is written with the lowest possible numbers

reduced circumstances

: a situation in which you have less money than you used to have

— reducer

noun, plural reducers [count]

— reducible

/rɪˈduːsəbəl/ Brit /rɪˈdjuːsəbəl/ adjective
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