1 rate /ˈreɪt/ noun
plural rates
1 rate
plural rates
Learner's definition of RATE
: the speed at which something happens over a particular period of time
: the number of times something happens or is done during a particular period of time
see also birthrate, death rate
: an amount that is paid : a price or amount to be paid that is set according to a scale or standard
see also exchange rate, prime rate

at any rate

used to indicate that something is true or certain regardless of what else has happened or been said

at a rate of knots

British, informal
: very fast or quickly

at this/that rate

: if things continue to happen in the same way they have been happening

going rate

: the average or usual price that is charged for something
2 rate /ˈreɪt/ verb
rates; rated; rating
2 rate
rates; rated; rating
Learner's definition of RATE
[+ object] : to make a judgment about the quality, ability, or value of (someone or something)
often used as (be) rated
see also overrate, underrate
[no object] : to be judged as having a particular level of quality, ability, or value
[+ object] : to consider something or someone to be (something)
[+ object] : to officially state that a movie, video game, etc., is appropriate for a specific audience usually used as (be) rated
[+ object] : to state the normal power or limit of (a machine, engine, etc.) usually used as (be) rated
usually + at
[+ object] : to deserve (something) because of being important, good, etc.
[no object] US, informal : to be liked by someone and get special treatment or privileges usually + with
[+ object] British, informal : to think of (someone or something) as being good or of a high quality : like