1 pulp /ˈpʌlp/ noun
plural pulps
1 pulp
plural pulps
Learner's definition of PULP
[noncount] : the inner, juicy part of a fruit or vegetable
[noncount] : the substance that is left after the liquid has been squeezed from a fruit or vegetable
: a soft, wet substance that is made by crushing something
[noncount] : a soft material that is made mostly from wood and is used in making paper
[count] US : a magazine, book, etc., that is cheaply made and that deals with sex, drugs, violence, etc., in a shocking way
often used before another noun
[count, noncount] technical : the soft tissue that is inside a tooth

to a pulp

used to say that someone or something is very badly beaten, mashed, smashed, etc.

— pulpy

/ˈpʌlpi/ adjective pulpier; pulpiest [also more pulpy; most pulpy]
2 pulp /ˈpʌlp/ verb
pulps; pulped; pulping
2 pulp
pulps; pulped; pulping
Learner's definition of PULP
[+ object]
: to crush (something) until it is soft and wet : to make (something) into pulp