1 private /ˈpraɪvət/ adjective
1 private
Learner's definition of PRIVATE
[more private; most private]
: for the use of a single person or group : belonging to one person or group : not public
: not relating to a person's official position or job
: not known by the public or by other people : secret
: not telling others about yourself : keeping your personal information secret
: away from other people : out of the sight and hearing of other people
always used before a noun : not holding a public or elected office
: not paid for or controlled by the government
: not having stocks traded on the open market
: involving or done with a single person rather than a group

— privately

2 private /ˈpraɪvət/ noun
plural privates
2 private
plural privates
Learner's definition of PRIVATE
[count] : a person of the lowest rank in the U.S. or British Army or the U.S. Marines
privates [plural] informal : private parts

in private

: out of the sight and hearing of other people : in a private place
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