1 prime /ˈpraɪm/ adjective
1 prime
Learner's definition of PRIME
always used before a noun
: most important : primary
: of the highest quality or value : excellent
used to say that someone or something is a very good example of a particular kind of person or thing
: most likely or very likely to be chosen for something, to experience something, etc.
2 prime /ˈpraɪm/ noun
2 prime
Learner's definition of PRIME
[singular] : the period in life when a person is best in health, strength, etc. : the most active or successful time of a person's life
[noncount] technical : prime rate
3 prime /ˈpraɪm/ verb
primes; primed; priming
3 prime
primes; primed; priming
Learner's definition of PRIME
[+ object]
: to make (someone) ready to do something : prepare
: to make (something) ready for use
: to cover (a surface) with special paint in order to prepare it for the final layer of paint

prime the pump

: to do something that will help a thing to grow or develop