1 powder /ˈpaʊdɚ/ noun
plural powders
1 powder
plural powders
Learner's definition of POWDER
: a dry substance made up of very tiny pieces of something
see also baking powder, chili powder, curry powder, five-spice powder, soap powder
[noncount] : a very fine, dry substance that is put on your body or face especially to make it dry or less shiny
see picture at grooming; see also talcum powder
[noncount] : snow that is very light and dry
often used before another noun
[noncount] : gunpowder see also powder keg

keep your powder dry

: to be calm and ready for a possible problem in the future

take a powder

US, informal + old-fashioned
: to leave suddenly and quickly
2 powder /ˈpaʊdɚ/ verb
powders; powdered; powdering
2 powder
powders; powdered; powdering
Learner's definition of POWDER
[+ object]
: to put powder on (your face or body)

powder your nose

somewhat old-fashioned
used by women as a polite way of excusing themselves from a table, conversation, etc., to go to the bathroom
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