1 plumb /ˈplʌm/ adverb
1 plumb
Learner's definition of PLUMB
technical : exactly straight down or up : in a perfectly vertical position
US, informal + old-fashioned : to a complete degree : completely
informal : exactly, directly
2 plumb /ˈplʌm/ adjective
2 plumb
Learner's definition of PLUMB
[more plumb; most plumb] technical
: exactly vertical : standing perfectly straight and not leaning in any way
3 plumb /ˈplʌm/ verb
plumbs; plumbed; plumbing
3 plumb
plumbs; plumbed; plumbing
Learner's definition of PLUMB
[+ object]
literary : to examine (something) in a careful and complete way in order to understand it
: to experience or reach (something)
: to install pipes for sinks, toilets, etc., in (a building or room)
: to connect (something, such as a sink) to a water supply

plumb in

[phrasal verb] chiefly British
plumb (something) in or plumb in (something)
: to connect (something) to a water supply