1 people /ˈpiːpəl/ noun
1 people
Learner's definition of PEOPLE
: individual human beings
◊ This sense of people is the plural of person.
: human beings as a group : all or most people
[plural] : a group of people who share a quality, interest, etc.
often used in compounds
[count] plural peoples : a group of people who make up a race, tribe, nation, etc.
the people : the ordinary people in a country who do not have special power or privileges
the People US, law used to refer to the government of the U.S. or of a particular state in the name of a legal case
[plural] : people who are related to or connected with someone: such as
literary : people who are ruled or governed by someone
somewhat old-fashioned : family members : people you are related to
: the people who work for you or your company, organization, etc.

good people

US, informal + old-fashioned
: an honest, helpful, or morally good person

of all people

used to emphasize that a specified person is the person you most or least expect to do or know something
2 people /ˈpiːpəl/ verb
peoples; peopled; peopling
2 people
peoples; peopled; peopling
Learner's definition of PEOPLE
[+ object] formal
of people : to live or be in (a place) usually used as (be) peopled
: to put people in (something, such as a story) usually used as (be) peopled