1 patch /ˈpætʃ/ noun
plural patches
1 patch
plural patches
Learner's definition of PATCH
: a piece of material that is used to cover a hole in something or to provide extra protection to an area
: a piece of material that is worn over your eye because of injury or for medical reasons
: a piece of material that contains a drug and that is worn on your skin to allow the drug to slowly enter your body over a long period of time
: a small spot or area that is different from the surrounding area
often + of
: a small area of land where a particular fruit or vegetable grows
: a period of time
US : a piece of cloth with words or pictures that is sewn on clothing as a decoration or as part of a uniform : badge
computers : a program that corrects or updates an existing program
British, informal : an area that someone knows well, works or lives in, or comes from

be not a patch on

British, informal
: to be much less good, appealing, impressive, etc., than (someone or something)
2 patch /ˈpætʃ/ verb
patches; patched; patching
2 patch
patches; patched; patching
Learner's definition of PATCH
[+ object]
: to cover a hole in (something) with a piece of material
: to connect (a person, telephone call, etc.) to a communication system especially for a short period of time often + through

patch together

[phrasal verb]
patch (something) together or patch together (something)
: to put (something) together usually in a quick or careless way

patch up

[phrasal verb]
patch (something) up or patch up (something) : to deal with (a problem, disagreement, etc.) in order to improve or repair a relationship
patch (something or someone) up or patch up (something or someone) : to give quick and usually temporary medical treatment to (someone or something)
see also 2patch 1 (above)
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