1 pat /ˈpæt/ verb
pats; patted; patting
1 pat
pats; patted; patting
Learner's definition of PAT
[+ object]
: to lightly touch (someone or something) with your hand usually several times in order to show affection or approval or to provide comfort
often + on
: to flatten, smooth, or shape (something) by lightly pressing on it with your hand
: to lightly press (something) several times until it is dry

pat down

[phrasal verb]
pat (someone) down or pat down (someone) US
: to move your hands over (someone) in order to search for something (such as a weapon) that may be hidden in clothing

pat (someone) on the back

: to praise or give credit to (someone) for doing good work
2 pat /ˈpæt/ noun
plural pats
2 pat
plural pats
Learner's definition of PAT
: an act of lightly touching someone or something with your hand to show affection or approval
: a small, flat, usually square piece of something (such as butter)

a pat on the back

: a show of praise or approval
3 pat /ˈpæt/ adverb
3 pat
Learner's definition of PAT
: learned completely or perfectly

stand pat

: to refuse to change your opinion or decision
4 pat /ˈpæt/ adjective
4 pat
Learner's definition of PAT
: said or done without any real thought or effort to be truthful or original