1 past /ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/ adjective
1 past
/ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/
Learner's definition of PAST
always used before a noun : having existed in a time before the present : from, done, or used in an earlier time
always used before a noun used to refer to a time that has gone by recently
always used before a noun used to say what someone or something was in the past
used to describe something that ended or was completed in the past
2 past /ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/ preposition
2 past
/ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/
Learner's definition of PAST
: at the farther side of (something) : beyond (a particular place)
: up to and beyond (a person or place)
: later than (a time)
: older than (an age)
: beyond the age for (something)
: beyond or no longer at (a particular point)

I wouldn't put it past (someone)

used to say that you would not be surprised if someone did something bad

past it

British, informal
: too old to do something or to be useful
3 past /ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/ noun
plural pasts
3 past
/ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/
plural pasts
Learner's definition of PAST
[noncount] : an earlier time : the time before the present usually used with the
see also live in the past at 1live
[count] : the events of a person's life, of a place, etc., before the present time usually singular
the past grammar : past tense

blast from the past

see 1blast
4 past /ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/ adverb
4 past
/ˈpæst/ Brit /ˈpɑːst/
Learner's definition of PAST
: to and beyond a certain point or time