1 party /ˈpɑɚti/ noun
plural parties
1 party
plural parties
Learner's definition of PARTY
: a social event in which entertainment, food, and drinks are provided
often used before another noun
see also block party, cocktail party, drinks party, hen party, house party, slumber party, stag party, tailgate party, tea party
: an organization of people who have similar political beliefs and ideas and who work to have their members elected to positions in the government
law : a person who is involved in a legal case or contract
see also third party
formal : someone or something that is involved in an activity
often + to
: a group of people who do something together often + of

the life (and soul) of the party

see 1life
2 party /ˈpɑɚti/ verb
parties; partied; partying
2 party
parties; partied; partying
Learner's definition of PARTY
[no object] informal
: to have a party or be involved in a party : to spend enjoyable time eating, drinking, dancing, etc., with a group of people

— partying

noun [noncount]