1 part /ˈpɑɚt/ noun
plural parts
1 part
plural parts
Learner's definition of PART
: one of the pieces, sections, qualities, etc., that make or form something
often + of
see also beauty part, part of speech, principal parts
: one of the pieces that are put together to form a machine
: one of the pieces or areas of the body of a plant or animal
see also private parts
[noncount] : some but not all of something + of
: a person who is a member of a group or who is included in an activity usually + of
[count] : one of the sections into which a book, play, television show, etc., is divided
[count] : the character played by an actor in a play, movie, etc.
often used figuratively
[count] : an influence in producing a result or causing something usually + in
see also take part (below)
[count] : the notes that are sung by a particular singer or played on a particular instrument in a piece of music that is written for more than one voice or instrument
parts [plural] somewhat old-fashioned : a general area with no exact limits or boundaries
[count] US : the line where a person's hair is separated and combed to opposite sides of the head
called also (British) parting
see picture at hair
[count] : an amount that is equal to another amount

do your part

: to do what you are responsible for doing or are able to do

for someone's part

: in someone's opinion

for the most part

see 1most

in good/great/large part

: not entirely but mostly

in no small part

: to a great degree : largely or mostly

in part

: to some extent : partially or partly

of parts

: having many talents or skills

on someone's part

or on the part of someone
: by or from someone

part and parcel of

: a basic and necessary part of (something)

sum of its parts

see 1sum

take part

: to be involved in something : to participate in something
see also 1part 6 (above)

take someone's part

chiefly British
: to show support for someone in an argument, disagreement, etc.

take something in good part

British, old-fashioned
: to not become too angry or upset about something : to not object too much to something

the best/better/greater part of something

: more than half of something : most of something

want no part of/in something

: to refuse to be involved in something
2 part /ˈpɑɚt/ verb
parts; parted; parting
2 part
parts; parted; parting
Learner's definition of PART
: to separate into two or more parts that move away from each other
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] : to separate (the hair on a person's head) into two parts by using a comb to form a line between the parts
[no object] : to leave each other
: to go or move away from someone
[+ object] : to cause (someone) to be separated from someone usually used as (be) parted
[no object] somewhat formal : to end a relationship
often + from

part company

: to end a relationship
often + with
: to leave each other
: to disagree with someone about something
often + with

part ways

chiefly US
: to end a relationship
often + with
: to leave each other
: to disagree with someone about something

part with

[phrasal verb]
part with (something)
: to give up possession or control of (something)
3 part /ˈpɑɚt/ adverb
3 part
Learner's definition of PART
: somewhat but not completely : to some extent or in some degree
4 part /ˈpɑɚt/ adjective
4 part
Learner's definition of PART
always used before a noun
: not complete or total