1 neither /ˈniːðɚ/ /ˈnaɪðɚ/ adjective
1 neither
/ˈniːðɚ/ /ˈnaɪðɚ/
Learner's definition of NEITHER
: not one or the other of two people or things
2 neither /ˈniːðɚ/ /ˈnaɪðɚ/ pronoun
2 neither
/ˈniːðɚ/ /ˈnaɪðɚ/
Learner's definition of NEITHER
: not the one and not the other of two people or things
Usage According to the rules of grammar, the pronoun neither is singular and requires a singular verb. However, in informal writing and speech, a plural verb is common when neither is followed by of.
3 neither /ˈniːðɚ/ /ˈnaɪðɚ/ conjunction
3 neither
/ˈniːðɚ/ /ˈnaɪðɚ/
Learner's definition of NEITHER
used with nor to indicate two or more people, things, actions, etc., about which something is not true
◊ When neither and nor are used to join two subjects, the verb should agree with the subject that is closer to it.
: also not used after a negative statement

me neither

see 4either

neither here nor there

see 1here
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