1 need /ˈniːd/ verb
needs; needed; needing
1 need
needs; needed; needing
Learner's definition of NEED
[+ object] : to be in a condition or situation in which you must have (something) : to require (something)
often used of things
[+ object]
used to say that some action is necessary usually followed by to + verb
used to say that it is important and necessary for someone to do something followed by to + verb
[modal verb] used to say that something is necessary
usually used in negative statements and in questions for which the answer is assumed by the speaker to be “no”
◊ The modal verb need is used especially in British English. In U.S. English, it is commonly used in phrases like need not apply and need I say more.

need no introduction

see introduction
2 need /ˈniːd/ noun
plural needs
2 need
plural needs
Learner's definition of NEED
: a situation in which someone or something must do or have something
see also a crying need at crying
[count] : something that a person must have
: something that is needed in order to live or succeed or be happy usually plural
see also special needs
[count] : a strong feeling that you must have or do something
[noncount] : a situation in which people do not have things that they need
see also a friend in need is a friend indeed at friend

if need be

: if something becomes necessary

in need of

used to say that someone or something needs to have something

no need

used to say that something is not necessary
often followed by to + verb
often + for