1 murder /ˈmɚdɚ/ noun
plural murders
1 murder
plural murders
Learner's definition of MURDER
: the crime of deliberately killing a person
often used before another noun
[noncount] informal : something that is very difficult or unpleasant
◊ To be murder on something is to cause pain or harm to it.

get away with murder

: to murder someone without being captured or punished usually used figuratively to describe someone who does something very bad or wrong without being criticized or punished

scream bloody/blue murder

see 1scream
2 murder /ˈmɚdɚ/ verb
murders; murdered; murdering
2 murder
murders; murdered; murdering
Learner's definition of MURDER
[+ object]
: to kill (a person) in a deliberate and unlawful way : to commit the murder of (someone)
sometimes used figuratively
: to spoil or ruin (something)
: to perform (something) very badly
: to defeat (an opponent) very badly

— murderer

/ˈmɚdɚrɚ/ noun, plural murderers [count]

— murderess

/ˈmɚdərəs/ noun, plural murderesses old-fashioned [count]
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