1 male /ˈmeɪl/ adjective
1 male
Learner's definition of MALE
: of or relating to the sex that cannot produce young or lay eggs
[more male; most male] : characteristic of boys or men
: having members who are all boys or men
of a plant : not producing fruit or seeds
technical : having a part that fits into the hole in another part (called a female part)

— maleness

noun [noncount]
2 male /ˈmeɪl/ noun
plural males
2 male
plural males
Learner's definition of MALE
: a man or a boy : a male person
Usage The use of male to mean “man” or “boy” now occurs most commonly in scientific or technical language.
In other contexts, it is often seen as a humorous or mildly insulting word.
: a male animal
: a plant that does not produce seed or fruit : a male plant
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