lip /ˈlɪp/ noun
plural lips
plural lips
Learner's definition of LIP
[count] : either one of the two soft parts that surround the mouth
see picture at mouth; see also stiff upper lip at 1stiff
[count] : the edge of a cut or hole
[count] : the edge of a container especially where it is slightly spread out
[noncount] informal : rude speech in reply to someone who should be spoken to with respect

button your lip/lips

see 2button

fat lip

see 1fat

lick your lips

see 1lick

my lips are sealed

used to say that you will not tell secret information to anyone

on everyone's/everybody's lips

: being said or discussed by many people

on the lips of

: being said or discussed by (people)

pass your lips

see 1pass

read lips

see 1read

smack your lips

see 1smack

zip your lip

see 1zip