1 likely /ˈlaɪkli/ adjective
likelier; likeliest
1 likely
likelier; likeliest
Learner's definition of LIKELY
[or more likely; most likely]
used to indicate the chance that something will happen
: seeming to be true : believable
◊ The phrase a likely story is often used in an informal way to say that you do not believe what someone has said.
always used before a noun : seeming to be right or suited for a purpose

— likeliness

noun [noncount]
2 likely /ˈlaɪkli/ adverb
2 likely
Learner's definition of LIKELY
[more likely; most likely]
: without much doubt : probably
Usage In U.S. English, the adverb likely is often used by itself without most, quite, very, etc.
This use of likely has sometimes been criticized, but it is very common. It does not occur in highly formal writing.