1 leap /ˈliːp/ verb
leaps; leaped /ˈliːpt/ /ˈlɛpt/ or leapt /ˈlɛpt/; /ˈliːpt/ ; leaping
1 leap
leaps; leaped /ˈliːpt/ /ˈlɛpt/ or leapt /ˈlɛpt/; /ˈliːpt/ ; leaping
Learner's definition of LEAP
[no object] : to jump from a surface
[+ object] : to jump over (something)
[no object] : to move quickly
often used figuratively
[no object] : to suddenly increase by a large amount

leap at

[phrasal verb]
leap at (something)
: to eagerly take (a chance, opportunity, etc.)

leap off the page

see 1page

leap out at

[phrasal verb]
leap out at (someone)
: to suddenly come at (someone) from a hiding place
: to immediately get the attention of (someone)

leap to conclusions

see conclusion

leap to mind

see 1mind

look before you leap

see 1look

your heart leaps

see heart

— leaper

/ˈliːpɚ/ noun, plural leapers [count]
2 leap /ˈliːp/ noun
plural leaps
2 leap
plural leaps
Learner's definition of LEAP
: a long or high jump
: the distance that a person or animal jumps
[count] : a great and sudden change, increase, or improvement
see also quantum leap
[singular] : a serious attempt to do or understand something new
◊ A leap in the dark is something that is done without knowing anything about what the result might be.
◊ A leap of faith is a decision to believe that something is true or possible even though other people may doubt it.

by/in leaps and bounds

: very quickly and greatly

take a flying leap

US, informal + impolite
used to tell someone who angers or annoys you to go away