1 last /ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/ verb
lasts; lasted; lasting
1 last
/ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/
lasts; lasted; lasting
Learner's definition of LAST
[no object] : to continue in time
[no object] : to continue in good condition
[no object] : to continue to be available
: to continue to be enough for the needs of someone
[no object]
[+ object]
[no object]
: to be able to continue in a particular situation or condition
: to continue to live

last the distance

see 1distance
2 last /ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/ adjective
2 last
/ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/
Learner's definition of LAST
: coming after all others in time, order, or importance : final
: remaining after the rest are gone
: belonging to the final part of something
: most recent
used to identify a preceding period of time
: least likely
: least desirable
: least important

every last

used as a more forceful way of saying every

in the last analysis

see analysis

last gasp

: a final attempt or effort made at the very end
see also last-gasp

last thing

: after everything else
: very late

on your/its last legs

see 1leg

the last laugh

see 2laugh

the last moment

see moment

the last straw

see straw

the last word

see 1word

to the last man

see 1man
3 last /ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/ adverb
3 last
/ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/
Learner's definition of LAST
: after any others in time, order, or importance
: at the end
◊ In figurative use, something or someone that comes last is less important than other things or people.
: most recently : on the most recent occasion
used to introduce a final statement or subject

first and last

see 2first

last but not least

used to say that a final statement is not less important than previous statements
4 last /ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/ pronoun
4 last
/ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/
Learner's definition of LAST
the last : the last person or thing in a group or series
the last : the last time someone is seen, something is mentioned, etc.
: a final action
informal used to describe the most recent information you have about someone or something
the last
: the end of something
: the end of someone's life
: the final thing or things that have been mentioned previously
: the most recent one of something

breathe your last

: to die
5 last /ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/ noun
5 last
/ˈlæst/ Brit /ˈlɑːst/
Learner's definition of LAST

at last

or at long last
: after a delay or long period of time