1 kit /ˈkɪt/ noun
plural kits
1 kit
plural kits
Learner's definition of KIT
[count] : a set of tools or supplies that a person uses for a particular purpose or activity
see also drum kit
[count] : a set of parts that are put together to build something
[count] : a collection of written materials about a particular subject see also press kit
[noncount] British : clothing or equipment used for a particular purpose

first aid kit

see first aid

get/take your kit off

British, informal
: to take off your clothes

the whole (kit and) caboodle

see caboodle
2 kit /ˈkɪt/ verb
kits; kitted; kitting
2 kit
kits; kitted; kitting
Learner's definition of KIT

kit out/up

[phrasal verb]
kit out/up (someone or something) or kit (someone or something) out/up British
: to give (someone or something) the clothing or equipment needed for a particular activity usually used as (be) kitted out/up