1 it /ˈɪt/ /ət/ pronoun
1 it
/ˈɪt/ /ət/
Learner's definition of IT
: that one just mentioned used to refer to an object or substance
used to refer to a living thing whose sex is unknown or is being ignored
used to refer to an idea, quality, emotion, etc.
used as the subject of a verb that describes a condition or occurrence
used in the place of a noun, phrase, or clause that usually comes later
used to refer to something that has been done or is being done or is going to be done
used as a direct object with little or no meaning
: the general situation : things in general
: something previously discussed or known

ask for it

see ask

do it

see 1do

in for it

see 1for

nothing to it

see 1nothing

out of it

see 1out

that is it

informal or that's it
used to say that something is finished or completed
used to say that something is all that is needed or wanted
used to say that something is correct
used in an angry or annoyed way to say that you will not accept any more of something

this is it

used to say that this is the most important or final point
2 it /ˈɪt/ noun
plural its
2 it
plural its
Learner's definition of IT
: the player in some children's games (such as hide-and-seek and tag) who performs the main action of the game (such as finding or catching other players)