1 iron /ˈajɚn/ noun
plural irons
1 iron
plural irons
Learner's definition of IRON
[noncount] : a heavy type of metal that is very common, occurs naturally in blood, and is used to make steel and in many products
sometimes used figuratively
see also cast iron, wrought iron
[count] : a device with a flat metal base that is heated and is used to press wrinkles out of clothing see also curling iron, soldering iron, waffle iron
[count] : a golf club that has a metal head and is identified by a number compare wood
irons [plural] : chains placed on a prisoner's arms or legs

irons in the fire

: activities or projects that someone is involved in

pump iron

see 2pump

strike while the iron is hot

see 1strike
2 iron /ˈajɚn/ adjective
2 iron
Learner's definition of IRON
always used before a noun : very strong

iron man

: a man who is very strong and is able to do something (such as play a sport) for a long time without injury or illness

rule with an iron fist/hand, rule with a rod of iron

see 2rule
3 iron /ˈajɚn/ verb
irons; ironed; ironing
3 iron
irons; ironed; ironing
Learner's definition of IRON
: to use a heated iron to make clothing or fabric smooth
[+ object]
[no object]

iron out

[phrasal verb]
iron (something) out or iron out (something)
: to remove (wrinkles) in cloth by using a heated iron
: to find a solution to (something) : to fix or correct (something)
: to reach an agreement about (something)