1 hurt /ˈhɚt/ verb
hurts; hurt; hurting
1 hurt
hurts; hurt; hurting
Learner's definition of HURT
[+ object] : to cause pain or injury to (yourself, someone else, or a part of your body)
Synonyms see: injure
[no object] : to be a source or cause of pain
[no object] : to feel physical pain
[+ object] : to make (someone) sad or upset : to cause (someone) to suffer emotionally
[no object] : to feel emotional pain or distress
: to do harm to (someone or something) : to affect (someone or something) in a bad or harmful way : damage
[+ object]
[no object]
usually used in negative statements
[no object] : to have many problems : to be in a bad situation or condition

hurt for

[phrasal verb] US, informal
hurt for (something) : to lack (something needed)
hurt for (someone) : to have sympathy or pity for (someone)
2 hurt /ˈhɚt/ adjective
2 hurt
Learner's definition of HURT
[more hurt; most hurt]
: having a physical injury
: feeling or showing emotional pain
3 hurt /ˈhɚt/ noun
plural hurts
3 hurt
plural hurts
Learner's definition of HURT
: mental or emotional pain

put the/a hurt on

US, informal
: to injure or damage (someone or something)