1 human /ˈhjuːmən/ adjective
1 human
Learner's definition of HUMAN
: of, relating to, or affecting people
[more human; most human]
: typical of people
[more human; most human] : having good or bad qualities that people usually have
◊ If you say that someone is only human, you are saying that the mistakes someone has made could have been made by anyone.
: looking or acting like a person compare inhuman
always used before a noun : made up of or consisting of people

put a human face on

◊ If you put a human face on something, you make it more appealing, easier to understand, or easier to care about by connecting it to an actual person.
2 human /ˈhjuːmən/ noun
plural humans
2 human
plural humans
Learner's definition of HUMAN
: a person usually plural see picture on this page

— humanlike

/ˈhjuːmənˌlaɪk/ adjective