1 home /ˈhoʊm/ noun
plural homes
1 home
plural homes
Learner's definition of HOME
: the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives
see also at home (below), mobile home, motor home
[count] : a family living together in one building, house, etc.
: a place where something normally or naturally lives or is located
[count] : the place where something began or was created usually + of
[count] : a place where something is placed, stored, etc.
: the place where someone lives or originally comes from : the place to which you feel most strongly attached
[count] : the place where an organization, a company, etc., is located and operates
[count] : a place where people who are unable to care for themselves live and are cared for
see also nursing home, rest home
[noncount] : a place that you try to reach in some games (such as baseball) see also home plate

at home

: in your own country and not a foreign country
sports : in a team's own stadium, park, etc. : in the place where a team is based
see also 1home 1 (above)
: relaxed and comfortable

charity begins at home

see charity

home away from home

(US) or British home from home
: a place that is as pleasant and comfortable as your own home

home sweet home

◊ You say home sweet home to show that you are happy when you return to your home after being away from it.

— homelike

/ˈhoʊmˌlaɪk/ adjective, chiefly US [more homelike; most homelike]
2 home /ˈhoʊm/ adverb
2 home
Learner's definition of HOME
: to or at the place where you live
: into a finished or final position
sports : to, toward, or into a goal

bring home the bacon

see bacon

bring (something) home

: to make (something) very clear and obvious in usually a forceful or unpleasant way usually + to

close to home

see 2close

come home to

: to become very clear and obvious to (someone) in usually a forceful or unpleasant way

come home to roost

see 2roost

drive your point home

: to say something in a very strong or forceful way : to make a point very forcefully

hit/strike home

: to become very clear and obvious in usually a forceful or unpleasant way

home free

(US) informal or British home and dry
: sure of succeeding, winning, etc. : no longer in danger of failing

nothing to write home about

see write

ram home

see 2ram

till/until the cows come home

see 1cow
3 home /ˈhoʊm/ adjective
3 home
Learner's definition of HOME
always used before a noun
: of or relating to a home or family
: designed to be used in your home : done or made in your home often used in combination
see also home movie, home video
sports : at a team's own field, stadium, arena, etc.
compare away, road
chiefly British : of, relating to, or coming from within your own country : domestic

home brew

see 2brew
4 home /ˈhoʊm/ verb
homes; homed; homing
4 home
homes; homed; homing
Learner's definition of HOME

home in on

[phrasal verb]
home in on (someone or something)
: to find and move directly toward (someone or something) often used figuratively