1 hitch /ˈhɪtʃ/ verb
hitches; hitched; hitching
1 hitch
hitches; hitched; hitching
Learner's definition of HITCH
[+ object] : to attach, fasten, or connect (something) with a hook, knot, etc.
informal : hitchhike
[no object]
[+ object]

get hitched

: to get married

hitch a ride

informal or chiefly British hitch a lift
: to get a ride in a passing vehicle

hitch up

[phrasal verb]
hitch (something) up or hitch up (something)
: to pull (a piece of clothing) up with a quick movement

hitch your wagon to (someone or something)

see wagon
2 hitch /ˈhɪtʃ/ noun
plural hitches
2 hitch
plural hitches
Learner's definition of HITCH
: a hidden problem that makes something more complicated or difficult to do
: a device that is used to connect one thing (such as a plow or trailer) to another (such as a tractor, car, or animal)
US, informal : a period of service in the military, at a job, etc.
: a type of simple knot that is used to hold or fasten something for a short time
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