1 heel /ˈhiːl/ noun
plural heels
1 heel
plural heels
Learner's definition of HEEL
[count] : the back part of your foot that is below the ankle see picture at foot
[count] : the part of a shoe or sock that covers the heel of your foot
[count] : the part of the bottom of a shoe or boot that is under the heel of your foot see picture at shoe; see also high heels, spike heels, stiletto heel
heels [plural] informal : shoes with high heels
[count] : the part of the inside of your hand that is closest to your wrist
[count] : the end of a loaf of bread
[count] old-fashioned : a bad or selfish man

at someone's heels

: following someone very closely

cool your heels

see 2cool

dig in your heels

see 1dig

drag your heels

see 1drag

head over heels

see 1head

kick up your heels

see 1kick

on someone's or something's heels

◊ If you are (close/hard/hot) on someone's or something's heels, you are chasing or following that person or thing very closely.
◊ If something comes or follows close/hard/hot on something's heels or close/hard/hot on the heels of something, it happens very soon afterward.

spin/turn on your heel

: to turn away from someone in a very quick or sudden way

take to your heels

: to begin to run away

to heel

: to a position that is close behind
: into a controlled or obedient condition

under heel

◊ If you are under the heel of someone or under someone's heel or (US) under heel, you are completely controlled by another person, group, etc.
2 heel /ˈhiːl/ verb
heels; heeled; heeling
2 heel
heels; heeled; heeling
Learner's definition of HEEL
[no object]
used as a command to tell a dog to walk next to you
of a boat or ship : to lean to one side