1 handle /ˈhændl̟/ noun
plural handles
1 handle
plural handles
Learner's definition of HANDLE
: a part of something that is designed to be held by your hand
see picture at bag; see also love handles

fly off the handle

see 1fly

get/have a handle on

: to understand (something)

— handled

/ˈhændl̟d/ adjective
usually used in combination
2 handle /ˈhændl̟/ verb
handles; handled; handling
2 handle
handles; handled; handling
Learner's definition of HANDLE
[+ object]
: to touch, feel, hold, or move (something) with your hand
: to manage or control (something) with your hands
[+ object] : to do the work required for (something)
[+ object] : to deal with (a person, situation, etc.) successfully
[+ object] : to express thoughts about (something) in a piece of music, writing, or art
[+ object] : to be involved with the buying or selling of (something)
[no object] used to describe how easy or difficult it is to control a vehicle

handle yourself

: to behave
see also handling
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