1 gut /ˈgʌt/ noun
plural guts
1 gut
plural guts
Learner's definition of GUT
guts [plural]
: the internal organs of an animal
informal : the inside parts of something
informal : the most important parts of something
guts [plural] informal : courage
◊ The expression no guts, no glory is sometimes used in informal U.S. English to mean that if you do not have courage, you will never achieve success and fame.
[count] informal used to talk about feelings, ideas, etc., that come from your emotions and from what seems true or right rather than from logic or reason
[count] informal : a person's stomach or the part of the body that contains the stomach : belly

blood and guts

: violent acts or images

bust a gut

informal also bust your gut
: to work or try extremely hard
US : to laugh in an uncontrolled way

hate someone's guts

: to hate or dislike someone very much

spill your guts

: to tell your secrets or private feelings to another person
2 gut /ˈgʌt/ adjective
2 gut
Learner's definition of GUT
always used before a noun
: relating to or based on emotions : not based on logic or reason
3 gut /ˈgʌt/ verb
guts; gutted; gutting
3 gut
guts; gutted; gutting
Learner's definition of GUT
[+ object]
: to remove the internal organs from (a fish or an animal)
: to destroy the inside of (a structure) often used as (be) gutted
: to destroy the power of (something) : to make (something) no longer effective