1 guard /ˈgɑɚd/ noun
plural guards
1 guard
plural guards
Learner's definition of GUARD
[noncount] : a state in which someone is carefully looking for possible danger, threats, problems, etc.
[count] : a person whose job or duty is to watch and protect someone or something
see also security guard
[count] : a group of people (such as soldiers) who protect a person or place
the Guards : soldiers who protect a king or queen see also color guard, honor guard, old guard, rearguard
: something that keeps an unwanted result or effect from happening often + against
see also safeguard
: a special part or device that protects someone or something from injury or damage
American football : either one of two players who play in positions on either side of the center
basketball : either one of two players who usually play away from the basket and control their team's play when they are trying to score points see also point guard
[count] British : conductor 2

off guard

: in an unprepared state : not ready

under guard

: in the position of someone (such as a prisoner) who is being watched by a guard
2 guard /ˈgɑɚd/ verb
guards; guarded; guarding
2 guard
guards; guarded; guarding
Learner's definition of GUARD
[+ object]
: to watch (someone) in order to prevent escape
: to protect (someone or something) from danger or attack
: to be careful about not telling or talking about (something, such as a secret)
sports : to try to keep (an opponent) from scoring (especially in basketball)

guard against

[phrasal verb]
guard against (something)
: to try to keep (something) from happening