1 glass /ˈglæs/ Brit /ˈglɑːs/ noun
plural glasses
1 glass
/ˈglæs/ Brit /ˈglɑːs/
plural glasses
Learner's definition of GLASS
[noncount] : a hard usually transparent material that is used for making windows and other products often used before another noun see also plate glass, stained glass
: a drinking container made out of glass
◊ The expression raise a glass or raise your glasses is used to tell people to hold up their glasses and drink a toast as a way to wish someone happiness, success, etc.
: the amount held by a glass container
glasses [plural] : a pair of glass or plastic lenses set into a frame and worn over the eyes to help a person see
see also field glasses, magnifying glass, opera glasses

people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

used to say that people who have faults should not criticize other people for having the same faults

under glass

: in a glass container
see also hourglass, looking glass

— glassful

/ˈglæsˌfʊɫ/ Brit /ˈglɑsˌfʊɫ/ noun, plural glassfuls [count]
2 glass /ˈglæs/ Brit /ˈglɑːs/ verb
glasses; glassed; glassing
2 glass
/ˈglæs/ Brit /ˈglɑːs/
glasses; glassed; glassing
Learner's definition of GLASS
[+ object]
: to fit, protect, or enclose (something) with glass usually + in
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