girl /ˈgɚl/ noun
plural girls
plural girls
Learner's definition of GIRL
: a female child
: daughter
: a young woman
: a usually young woman from a specified kind of place
the girls : the female friends or work partners of a woman viewed as a group
[count] : a woman of any age often used as a friendly way for one woman to address another woman
[count] : a woman or girl who does a particular job or activity
◊ The use of girl to refer to an adult woman is often considered offensive, especially when it is used this way by a man.
see also ball girl, call girl, chorus girl, cover girl, office girl, papergirl, poster girl, schoolgirl
[count] informal + old-fashioned : girlfriend

— girlhood

/ˈgɚlˌhʊd/ noun [noncount]

— girlish

/ˈgɚlɪʃ/ adjective [more girlish; most girlish]

— girlishness

noun [noncount]