1 gear /ˈgiɚ/ noun
plural gears
1 gear
plural gears
Learner's definition of GEAR
: supplies, tools, or clothes needed for a special purpose
see also footgear, headgear, landing gear
[count] : a toothed wheel in a machine
: a part that connects the engine of a vehicle or the pedals of a bicycle to the wheels and controls the speed at which the wheels turn
see also reverse gear

change/shift/switch gears

(US) or British change gear
: to move from one level or area of activity to another

get in gear

informal or get (something) in gear
: to start working or doing something in a more energetic and effective way

in/into high gear

see high gear
2 gear /ˈgiɚ/ verb
gears; geared; gearing
2 gear
gears; geared; gearing
Learner's definition of GEAR
[+ object]
: to make (something) suitable for a particular use or type of person usually used as (be) geared

gear up

[phrasal verb]
gear up or gear (someone) up or gear up (someone)
: to get ready or to cause (someone) to get ready for something or to do something
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